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season one

Image by Mike Von

Ep 1: No One Would Sleep With Ben Affleck

Journalist Melissa Maerz on the behind-the-scenes drama on the movie Dazed and Confused.

Image by Nik

Ep 4: The Ham Flute Turned Purple

Writer and performer Anthony Hudson slash drag clown Carla Rossi on collaboration, the art of the drag queen, and the importance of moderating your appetite.

Image by Felix Mooneeram

Ep 7: Let's Just Get Wasted Again

Novelist and screenwriter Jon Raymond on how the movie First Cow was born from a beer commercial and why drunken porch conversations are essential to the creative process.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Ep 10: Gay Child in the Woods

Writer and editor Conner Reed talks juvenilia written in a log cabin in the woods, going up against Stephen Sondheim, and performing his first musical during a global pandemic. 

Image by Rubén Rodriguez

Ep 2: I Want Her Smiling

Author and activist Renée Watson tells us about her big publishing break and why she fights so hard for her book covers.

Image by Jacek Dylag

Ep 5: Nachos for One

Singer-songwriter Laura Gibson on how a song was born from the Beatles, fondue, and a senior salsa night.

Image by Mike Flamenco

Ep 8: I Do Have a Secret

Screenwriter, storyteller, and Broadway actor, Vin Shambry talks about the movie based on his 1990s Portland life and the unbelievable thing a director asked him to do in college.

Image by Simone Mascellari 🇮🇹

Ep 11: Rough on My Heart

Oregon poet laureate and World Cup Poetry Slam winner Anis Mojgani talks love poems, finding your voice, how to get the writing muses to show up, and becoming a poet / Miss America.

Image by Tim Mossholder

Ep 3: Heartbreak Will Straighten Your Hair

Poet and Comic Derrick Brown talks breakups, boats, and beers to the face.

Image by Efe Yağız Soysal

Ep 6: He Said Not to a Queen

Novelist Juhea Kim talks about the sweet, sweet writing motivation of revenge.

Image by calicadoo

Ep 9: The One in the Middle Was Beyoncé

Journalist and style columnist Vivian McInerny dishes New York Fashion Week gossip from her many years on the beat, plus some wild changes in journalism over five decades. 

Image by Marcel Strauß

Ep 12: Consulting the Ghosts

Novelist, ghostwriter, and James Patterson co-writer Emily Chenoweth talks ghostwriting for celebrities, the freedom of a pseudonym, and how to know when to bail on a book. 

season two

Image by Holly Mandarich

Ep 1: Who Wants to Read About My Hike

Novelist, memoir writer, and advice columnist Cheryl Strayed on her accidental route to writing Wild, the birth of Tiny Beautiful Things, and how writing for free brought in the biggest paycheck.

Image by Orange Chen

Ep 4: Spelunking in Family Secrets

Journalist, novelist and nonfiction writer Rebecca Clarren on diving into family history to find answers,  empathy, and ultimately a path toward atonement. 

Image by chaitanya pillala

Ep 7: How to Be Funny 

Standup comedian, writer, and high school teacher Katie Nguyen on writing jokes and how adolescent blogging can turn into comedy gold.

Image by Austris Augusts

Ep 10: When the Idea Picks You

Comic book writer, filmmaker, and educator David F. Walker on the superpowers of perseverance in publishing.

Image by Clayton Caldwell

Ep 2: I Think We Got Kendrick Lamar

Award-winning novelist, nonfiction writer, and journalist Mitchell S. Jackson on profiling Kendrick Lamar while grieving his father, fighting for your words, and the joy of basketball fashion. 

Image by Yannick Pulver
Image by Goh Rhy Yan

Ep 8: Later They Go to Space

Journalist, podcaster, and gender educator Tuck Woodstock on the joy of ditching big deadlines to work on a Fast and Furious 'zine with his friends.

Image by Marco Bianchetti

Ep 11: The Daniel Day-Lewis Embrace

In our season wrap-up, we turn the mics on each other. This week we hear the tale of Fiona's deep (and puzzling) embrace with the one and only Daniel-Day Lewis.

Image by Akash Rai

Ep 3: No Tweezers, No Foam

Cookbook writer and New York Times contributor Colu Henry on the importance of a nook of one's own, the truth about marmalade, and the joys of unfancy food. 

Image by Jon Tyson

Ep 6: Searching for Sherlock

Journalist, editor, and nonfiction writer Zach Dundas on the endurance of the great detective Sherlock Holmes, and the elusiveness of Benedict Cumberbatch. 

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Ep 9: Letters to My Exes

Memoirist, podcaster, and Substack superstar Rosemary MacCabe on writing a book about her ex-lovers and what sex act is illegal to mention.

Image by John Price

Ep 12: Modesty Clothing Meets Pleather Pants

In our season finale we hear about Eden's intrepid journey to Eastern Oregon where she takes a deep dive outside her comfort zone and into the world of modesty clothing. 

season three

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Ep 1: The Villain in Your Own Story

Writers Courtenay Hameister and Jason Rouse on the broken hearts and body shame behind her New York Times Modern Love column, Were We the Fat Couple?

Image by isabelle sivieri zampieri

Ep 2: Wait Five Minutes

Writers and social media stars John and Anni Furniss on mental health struggles, the meet cute of a ruined paint job, and how the world was introduced to the Blind Woodsman

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